MI6 Agency

Description: Mi6 B2B custom programs are designed to help your venture create, deliver and capture value. They focus on two key things: output (marketing activities) and outcomes (objectives and goals). These programs are delivered through the development and use of: 1) content and digital channels (especially your website), 2) value exchange, 3) audiences and business networks and 4) optimal market access. What drives our B2B marketing agency is our vision: To build an innovative business model that leverages our talents, networks and independent businesses To enable us to have choice, enjoy working together and earn a good living To be the best B2B marketing and technology leaders on the planet To build economic value for ourselves, our families and our clients To have long lasting relationships and friendships with each other and our clients To help people when in need and to help them be successful To realize and acknowledge that we’re not perfect but do our very best at all time. The Mi6 Agency team is led by Chris Herbert and Lisa Denis.

Categories: Professional Services

Address: 295 Robinson Street Suite 100, Oakville L6J 1G, ON

Email: cherbert@mi6agency.com

Website: http://www.mi6agency.com

Phone: 905-616-8537

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