Published: April 9, 2020

Update to the media from the United Way of Bruce Grey


Thank a Health Care Worker

The United Way of Bruce Grey is encouraging people to show their appreciation to a health care worker by making a donation in their name, to the Bruce Grey Pandemic Relief Fund. This fund is supporting on the ground relief efforts throughout the region.

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Thedo Spring Bear Hunt

The United Way of Bruce Grey is encouraging urban communities to participate in the Spring Bear Hunt

Households are encouraged to place a teddy bear, or other creature, in the front windows of their homes. Then self-isolating families go for walks in their nuclear unit and count the number of bears they see.

“It’s super hard for kids to be locked up all day and isolated from their families and friends. But a responsible wander around the home block provides much needed fresh air and improves mental health” explains United Way Executive director Francesca Dobbyn.

Families can upload photos of their favourite bears to Thedo Spring Bear Hunt Facebook page.



Thedo is a project of the United Way of Bruce Grey with the primary purpose of connecting offers of support with requests for resources from the community. Understanding the mental health impact of prolonged self-isolation on children, Thedo is offering other opportunities to connect as a community.

Thedo has received 36 requests for assistance. Two were from outside the region and were passed along to their relevant resource agency. The other 34 were referred on to area food.

People can sign up through the web-portal or call 211 who will help you sign up for assistance if you do not have access to the internet.


Pandemic Relief Fund

Funds from both the Pandemic Food Bank and Food Security Fund and the general Pandemic Relief Fund have been deployed throughout the county. Food banks and food programs were invited to highlight funding requests to address unmet program needs. Twenty-two percent of the funds have been directed to food banks, 18% to community meal programs, 16% went to toilet paper for distribution through the food banks and 15% is being held for the community meal programs for April and May needs.

The United Way was able to source a bulk purchase of toilet paper external to the grocery store supply chain.

Food banks are currently hampered by grocery store purchasing limits which is making it difficult to obtain the food needed. “We don’t want volunteers in and out of grocery stores when the limit is one package of toilet paper per shopping trip” explains Dobbyn.

The United Way has partnered with Habitat for Humanity who is facilitating the delivery of the toilet paper and other food bank related needs.


For more information on the United Way’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic please contact Francesca Dobbyn at 519-376-1560

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