Published: March 9, 2020

Why the Chamber of Commerce is Beneficial


Joining the Chamber gets you noticed.

Businesses can use their Chamber Memberships to increase community awareness and develop relationships with local businesses.  Organizations tend to use their Chamber membership to connect with other Chamber members who are looking to do some community givebacks through sponsorships or donations.

An example: One of our not-for-profits uses their Chamber membership as common ground when approaching businesses for sponsorship “I saw you were a Chamber member. We are too”

Free Advertising.

Do you have an upcoming fundraiser or event? Use our weekly digital newsletter “The Inside Scoop” and receive FREE promotion. “The Inside Scoop” is offered exclusively to chamber members and reaches over 600+ local businesses.

Connect with us on Social Media- we utilize Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for our members. So not only do you have your own account but the Chambers as well making your posts reach out to double the followers.  All new members receive a feature “About” post letting all our followers know more about you.



Make yourself known.

Attend and participate in Chamber events. It’s all about relationships, so it is definitely worth the time and effort you put into participating in events and committees.  This is a great way to seek out new members for your Board, promote your events, find volunteers and sponsorships. Some Chamber events do have an admission charge, but there are also free events like our Alive @ 5 which is a great way to meet and establish relationships.

Request assistance with a Milestone Event.

If you are moving to a new location, celebrating an expansion or re-brand. The Chamber staff will help you plan this milestone with a ribbon-cutting or Open House.  Recently we partnered a business Open house with a not-for-profit resulting in donations from the open house going to the not-for-profit with great success.  Those are the connections the Chamber can bring to your Charity.

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